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Get prepared. Get connected. Land that job.

Finding a new job is tiresome. We’ve simplified the process.

Sign Up Here - Our career development center helps get you prepared and connected to recruiters.

What we offer

 Our Career Development Center:

♦  We help you get prepared and connected.

♦  We get you matched to the right job opportunity.

♦  Our online Boot Camp will get you prepared.


♦  Our platform is private and confidential.

♦  We will connect you to vetted recruiters.

♦  We provide on-going career development help.

Our Online 9-Step Boot Camp

We will get you well-prepared for job openings.

Step # 1

Introduction – An overview of what you’ll learn

Step # 2

Purpose & Vision – Define your purpose, get clear on your long-term vision

Step # 3

Building Your Profile – How to create a standout profile

Step # 4

Working with Recruiters – Understand how to work with recruiters

Step # 5

Your Brand – Create a powerful online brand and social media presence

Step # 6

Your Resume – Tools and tips to create a powerful resume

Step # 7

Expand Your Reach – Why networking is critical

Step # 8

Create Space – Learn how mindset and focus make to propel you forward

Step # 9

Building Your Profile – Understand emotional intelligence and how it impacts us

So that you can see just exactly how comprehensive our programs are for you, check out our programs below:

The pricing noted includes the first month fee.  Following this first month, the recurring monthly fee is only $15.00.



“LT is authentic and her personality shines through immediately. After my conversation with her, I feel better-equipped and prepared for my job search. I am extremely happy that I decided to join”

Christine M


“ will give me the leg up on other recruiters and help submit quality candidates to my clients. Our agency spends over $30,000 a year on job search boards that don’t offer half of what is offering. Thanks for getting it right!”

Steve S


“Letting someone go is the worst part of my job. I love the idea of being able to offer our employees a 3-month subscription to help them find another job. Great idea!”

Michelle B

Director of Human Resources

“vCandidates and the team under the leadership of LT Ladino Bryson are giving me hope in my career search again! I truly felt like my personality as well as my career aspirations were considered to best lead me to the position that best fits me.”

Robert S


We’re here to help you in your job search.

The Ultimate Career Development Platform

We’re a private, exclusive and alternate platform that connects you, if you’re in a job search, with vetted recruiters who will seek you out, keep you informed and will be there to support you during the entire hiring process.

Standout out in a compelling manner

Get presented in a ready-to-hire manner. Get tips and tools to craft a compelling resume. Get a mock interview session with our vCounselors. Get prepared through our 9-step online Boot Camp.


We are changing the way career transitions happen 

by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.