Select Page - Before the day starts, breathe, take in the moment.

1. Breathe, before devices

Most of us have our phones and other devices right next to our bed. And, the normal routine is to look at emails, social media, news, and texts before you even get out of bed. So, tomorrow morning, when you wake up, just breathe! Place your feet on the ground. Allow yourself 5-7 deep breathes before looking at technology.

________________________________________ - Exercise. Intense or light exercise. Just move yourself.

2. Get moving

First thing in the morning, get moving and exercise. This doesn’t have to be an intense workout. You could enjoy a nice 30-minute walk, or practice yoga. Even doing some gentle, dynamic stretching will help you feel better as you move into your day.___


vCandidates - Take the time to enjoy and revel in what makes you smile and grateful.

3. Practice gratitude

One of the most powerful for our mental and spiritual well-being is the act of practicing gratitude. What does that mean? Take a few minutes to write out everything you are grateful for, big and small. It could be as simple as sleeping 8 hours or having a morning cup of coffee.

________________________________________ - Now is the time to jot down the list of to-do's for the day.

4. Make a plan

Now is the time to make your plan. Create a list of what you need to accomplish for the day, so that nothing slips through the cracks. Giving yourself a road map for what should get done creates accountability and increases the likelihood of completion.

________________________________________ - Spend time learning. Read about your industry, your functional role, and other relatable news.

5. Invest in you

Investing in your personal health, knowledge and growth allows you to do more and give more to all those around you. Your daily habit could be as simple as reading an industry or business blog/magazine each day or listening to a relevant podcast first thing each morning.

________________________________________ - Take a break during the day. Relax, get your mind to wander.

6. Walk around

Building this habit is something that you should incorporate into your daily life for the long haul. Every hour or so, take a few minutes to get up and walk around. You’ll be giving your eyes a break from screens, giving your body some love by changing your posture, and improving your creativity.

________________________________________ - Think about the foods you eat. Swap out for something fresh and healthy.

7. Reduce processed food consumption

Start with just one snack or meal a day and commit to it being fresh. Make a number of dishes ahead of time for the week, so you’re less tempted to indulge in quick meals. Every change will help you get closer to eating cleaner and supporting your overall well-being.

________________________________________ - Call. Talk to a friend or loved one. Say hello. Socialize even when you're home..

8. Reach out

Our society craves social interaction. And while it is preferable to visit with people in person, an unexpected phone call from a distant friend or loved one will lift the spirits of everyone involved. Take this time to reconnect with those who you find yourself thinking about.

________________________________________ - Hobbies have a way to divert your mind in a positive, productive manner.

9. Embrace a hobby

Choose something that you can be passionate about and spend time focused on it each day. It might be gardening, or reading mystery novels, or learning how to cook breads. The point is to give yourself a focus that you can enjoy and anchors you back on what used to be normal.

________________________________________ - It's time to de-clutter your mind. Turn it off. Relax. Don't let the world keep you up at night.

10. Turn it off

We should all be aware of what is going on in our local community, our state, our world. But, it is important to set boundaries. An hour before you are ready to go to bed, turn everything off. Let your mind get clear from the noise and watch how much easier it is to fall asleep and wake rested.


Spend the next 30-days embracing these 10 New Daily Habits and let them become part of a positive personal change that you enjoy for years to come.

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