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What is one way to make your online profile stand out on a career-related platform?

To help your online profile stand out, we asked social media managers and business leaders this question for their best advice. From using a unique background color in your headshot to listing out your hobbies, there are several ideas that may help your online profile stand out on a career-related platform.

Here is what 16 thought-leaders had to say:

  • Use a Unique Color Background in Your Headshot
  • Optimize Your Profile to the Platform’s Search Engine
  • Keep Interacting With Your Networks and Post Daily
  • Tell Your Genuine Story
  • Add Testimonials for Social Proof and to Stand Out
  • Build Your Public Image
  • Add Quantitative Stats to Your Profile
  • Take a Professional Profile Photo
  • Link to a Website that Looks Nice
  • Incorporate Keywords
  • Draw People in With Visuals
  • Keep Your Endorsements Short
  • Showcase Times You Went Above and Beyond
  • Stand Out With An Introduction Video
  • Do Your Research
  • List Hobbies Online

Use a Unique Color Background in Your Headshot

An easy way to make your online profile stand out is by spending time on your headshot. A couple of extra minutes focussed on lighting and editing can go a long way. For example, you might take your picture in front of a green screen and then replace the background with a solid color. The color block helps your profile stand out since it contrasts with the surrounding white space. Plus, using color in this way can support your personal brand.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Optimize Your Profile to the Platform’s Search Engine

Research job listings for your target job position to find keywords that match your expertise and naturally place them in your Headline, Summary, and Professional Experience sections. Including industry-related keywords in your profile will increase the chances of appearing in top positions on the platform’s search engine. That results in more visibility and opportunities. It is also worth mentioning any relevant certifications, awards, and software sought after by employers and recruiters.

Rebeca Sena,

Keep Interacting With Your Networks and Post Daily

To make your profile stand out from the crowd, you have to interact with your networks and post quality content daily to keep them engaged. Your online profile is the mirror of your accomplishments, which must include relevant bio, pictures, and others for attracting employers. This is the most significant part of developing your online profile.

On a career-related platform, you can mention that fully optimized online profile to showcase that you have the capability to keep your audience engaged by a thorough interaction.

As the consistent posting gets identified, you can organize a poll, reshare others’ posts, or even share your thoughts and insights. The more regular your posting schedule is, the more notable you will be.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

Tell Your Genuine Story

Show your genuine story as much as possible. You can do this by using 1-2 sentences in your bio or ‘about’ section. A detailed profile will make you stand out from the crowd as actual humans are viewing the select pool of candidates for a specific role. That’s especially important for any marketing, communications, or creative role; you want to make sure you clearly communicate your story and don’t sell yourself short. Give them a conversation starter that makes them want to interview you immediately.

Nicholas Vasiliou, BioHealth Nutrition

Add Testimonials for Social Proof and to Stand Out

Every online profile tries to impress by highlighting experience and achievements. However, highlighting yourself is one thing, but getting others to praise your work takes it to another level, and is why it is a great idea to attach testimonials to your profile. By going to colleagues, clients, and vendors, to request short testimonials about their experience with you, it adds an entirely new level of credibility to your claims.

In addition, if you request them to highlight specific skills or attributes that you believe will fit the industry you are striving to impress or even a specific potential match, it bolsters your chances to get your foot in the door. Whether it is work ethic, professionalism, enthusiasm, life experience, or a unique specific skill set, attaching testimonials to your online profile adds not only social proof but the opportunity to stand out amongst the sea of candidates.

Jeff Meeks, EnergyFit

Build Your Public Image

If you’re using various platforms, make sure your brand is consistent across them all. Use the same bio and phrasing throughout. This gives the appearance that you are well-organized and concise, and that you know your stuff. Once you begin writing, you can connect your accounts and distribute your posts across all of them – this is a simple way to get your material out there and create your business reputation. Because first impressions are important, the photographs you choose are important! Get a professional headshot if you don’t already have one. The type of image that will work best in each business will be different. If you work in finance, your photo should look professional and acceptable, however, if you work in the arts, you can get away with a more artistic shot.

Edward Mellett, Wikijob

Add Quantitative Stats to Your Profile

Too many people make claims about their careers, but they don’t provide any evidence. People who include quantitative figures provide meaningful insights about their impact and it helps them stand out from the crowd. Maybe you highlight how many quarters you hit quota, how many people you managed, or how much more efficient you were than others in a similar role. Whatever you do, make sure to include some data in your profile!

Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Take a Professional Profile Photo

Even if we don’t care to admit it, we all judge a book by its cover. According to many researchers, a professional profile picture strongly improves visibility and probability of interaction with the candidate. And it doesn’t mean that pretty eyes are worth more than strong competencies. Think about it this way – if the candidate didn’t spend a few minutes to upload a professional-looking photo, what does it say about his attention to detail?

Michal Jonca, PhotoAiD

Link to a Website that Looks Nice

Link to a website that looks nice. Let’s face it: If you don’t have a website, you’re missing a big professional opportunity. Secure a domain name that represents you or your business, and get to work! There are many platforms available today, like, that make it so easy to design a stunning website with pre-designed templates. It takes minimal effort in most cases, and can even be as simple as a sleek landing page that highlights your credentials and provides a way to contact you. Professional websites are a great extension of any career-related platform.

Rachel Blank, Allara

Incorporate Keywords

Think of keywords that recruiters would be searching for in terms of the kinds of positions you are going for. For example, if you are applying for a marketing position, consider using phrases such as “marketing campaigns,” “marketing strategy” or “social media” within your work experience descriptions. Recruiters may be searching for phrases that are relevant to the jobs they are recruiting for in order to find viable candidates, so keep this in mind.

Matt Woods,

Draw People in With Visuals

While it can be tempting to include long descriptions and an amassed amount of data, the visual is one of the most important aspects of a digital platform. Ensure that your profile and banner picture(s), as well as visuals for any of your products, match what you are trying to sell. This is the first impression of you as an employee and is what will draw hirers into the descriptive information of your profile.

Kashish Gupta, Hightouch

Keep Your Endorsements Short

Rather than just listing down all the skills you have in abundance to impress the recruiter, it would be much more effective if you ask people you work with to write short endorsements for each skill separately. These endorsements will help the recruiter understand the type of candidate you are. Recruiters would rather see a modest candidate than one who is promoting himself.

Chris Thompson, Backdoor Survival

Showcase Times You Went Above and Beyond

A sure fire way to impress people is to exceed their expectations. Let’s consider expectations: every online profile on a career platform has a resume or list of jobs. Every employer expects exactly this. An often overlooked tool for potential employees to exceed expectations is showcasing times they’ve participated in passion projects related to their job to push themselves above and beyond what was expected of them at work. Show you’re constantly learning, even after several years in the industry. Show times you took initiative for the betterment of the company and your peers. Include YouTube channels or podcasts you host on the topic if you have one. Include any featured articles you’ve written on the topic.

Tyler Vallely, OUTREC

Stand Out With An Introduction Video

An introduction video can help you shine and stand out from the rest, especially when many candidates skip over this optional section of their online profile. Creating a video may appear to be a difficult task, but it does not have to be. To begin, write a compelling script that describes who you are, the types of projects you want to work on, and the areas of skill you possess.

Kathryn Smithson, PathSocial

Do Your Research

Take a look at how others in your sector present themselves online if you want honest advice. Begin by Googling a person you admire and paying close attention to where they market themselves. Do they have a personal blog? Do they submit their work to internet journals? Is it true that they are on Twitter? This will give you a decent notion of where to start and which platforms will benefit you the most. Look at how they’re promoting themselves online as well as where they’re promoting themselves. What accomplishments do they list in their bio? What topics do their posts usually cover? What articles do they discuss? What kind of language do they speak? Understanding the various possibilities available can assist you in developing your personal brand and online presence.

Rameez Usmani, PureTuber

List Hobbies Online

Individuals are interested in seeing how they can become a part of your life, therefore if you talk about liking solo activities such as knitting, writing, reading, people will assume you aren’t social. By listing these activities, you can be completely honest about yourself, but you should also include activities such as kite flying, hiking, and playing tennis. Allow potential dates to see themselves in your life and see how they might fit in.

Danny Trichter, Accessibility Checker

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