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We know that the whole job search process can sometimes seem daunting.  That’s why we like to provide occasional quick-to-read hints and tips to remind or help you in how to think through the whole job search and career advancement process.

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    A few job hunting tips: - We're a private, exclusive and alternate platform that connects you, if you’re in a job search, with vetted recruiters.


    Demonstrating your interest in the company starts with researching them. Review the company’s website and annual reports, industry trends, online reviews and the people you’ll be meeting. - there would be nothing nobler than changing people’s lives by giving them the tools and ability to find a better job.

    Re-read the job description

    Re-read it to identify the keywords, industry jargon and skills needed. Then, prepare how your experiences match up. Think about past and current work history examples that align with these requirements.

    Use keywords with care

    Add keywords from a job listing to your resume in order to get through filters. But, be cautious, recruiters can spot “keyword stuffing” from a mile away. Use buzzwords where they fit naturally.


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