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In light of the current pandemic, many small businesses are adjusting their budgets weekly. They can cut out frivolities, but when it comes to necessities, like hiring, companies are looking for creative ways to stretch their money.

Under times of constraint, small businesses need cost-effective ways to recruit candidates.

Eight business leaders explain how their business is executing a cost-effective recruiting strategy.

Consider Recruiters

The beauty of being a career platform is that we have the ability to review references, personality assessments, and interview questionnaires that help determine culture fit, prior to the first screening call. Not only does save time but it helps identify great talent, gives job seekers the opportunity to present themselves in their best light and connects them directly to recruiting professionals. Companies who invest in recruiters will find our presentation of prescreened candidates will help them reap the benefits of cost savings in the long run.

LT Ladino BrysonvCandidates

Enlist Current Employees

More often than not, the hiring process is done by hiring managers that might not ever interact with the candidate after the hiring process is complete. Recruiting the help of current employees that will actually work alongside the person hired will create enthusiasm and drive to find the right candidate for the position. Current employees will become more invested if they know they have a hand in picking the person they will work with every day and will, in turn, provide quality referrals.

Peter BabichenkoSahara Case

Use Online Platforms To Your Advantage

Posting about open positions on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are free ways to spread the word about job opportunities. The more detailed and clear you are about the description, the qualifications, and how to apply, the more likely you are to find the right candidate. Utilizing free online job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor will also allow you to get the word out about the position to a larger audience. Just be prepared to go through a large number of resumes to get to the right candidate. Despite best efforts, most resumes you receive won’t be qualified, so take time to find that diamond in the rough.

Ryan NouisTruPath

Maintain Communication

There are many ways to approach a cost-effective recruiting strategy. First and foremost is the communication channel between the hiring managers and the talent acquisition department. Ensure there is open communication and a clear process for submitting the open requisition request and the foundation of a cost-effective recruiting strategy is built.

Andrew Aziz, HRBP

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a huge talent pool to create pipelines. With the ability to message candidates, we can obtain contact information and have a conversation about what the candidate is seeking in his/her next opportunity. If they are not currently looking, the connection was made, and the option to ask for referrals is there.

Deborah Bubis, Recruiter & Sourcer

Post Online and Stay Active

We rely heavily on online platforms. We utilize sites like Indeed, GivePulse, and Handshake. We also keep our website up-to-date with our listings and share those via social media.

Lloyd HopkinsMillion Dollar Teacher Project

Invest in Technology

We invest in technology solutions that allow our team to more deeply specialize on more important tasks. By doing this, we are able to delegate repetitious work to our tech solution.

One example is our use of AI to schedule interviews. By allowing our AI to access our calendar and schedule in qualified candidates, we can spend our time on creating a better candidate experience for our new employees in the onboarding process.

Steven BrownDP Electric Inc

Promote Internally

Before you begin external recruiting, it is crucial to look within your company and promote internally. Oftentimes, the best candidates already work for you! By attracting talented interns and hiring them after they graduate, Markitors has been able to recruit and develop some of the most talented young professionals in Phoenix.

Nikitha LokareddyMarkitors

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