How we can help those who may be

looking for a job.

As human capital professionals, we know we cannot help everyone. But there is a way you can help those who may not be an ideal customer for your services.

We are offering you a referral program to help those who are looking for job.

When your referral purchases one of our subscriptions you can earn from $25-$40 based on the level of the subscription purchased.

Let’s Partner Together! - We provide you with a confidential platform that connects you with recruiters.

    What we offer

    For Job Seekers

    We provide a confidential forum, a career development platform that connects job seekers with vetted recruiters who will seek them out, keep them informed and will be there to support them during the entire hiring process.

    What we offer

    For Career Coaches

    Not all client opportunities fit well with what we each offer in the marketplace. It could be money, it could be someone wanting just one vs. several features, etc. Just know, our subscription pricing options provide job seekers with alternatives that will enable you to earn a referral fee. - We’ve put together a quick list of 6 tips to help you get into the job hunt mindset.

    “LT is authentic and her personality shines through immediately. After my conversation with her, I feel better-equipped and prepared for my job search. I am extremely happy that I decided to join”

    Christine MCandidate

    “vCandidates and the team under the leadership of LT Ladino Bryson are giving me hope in my career search again!  I truly felt like my personality as well as my career aspirations were considered to best lead me to the position that best fits me.”

    Robert S

    Our Job Seeker Pricing & Your Referral Fee



    Sign Up Fee + First Month

    Complete profile, culture & personality, Boot Camp & More

    Your Referral Fee:




    Sign Up Fee + First Month

    Basic Professional plus Behavioral Assessment & Background Checks

    Your Referral Fee:




    Sign Up Fee + First Month

    Premium Professional plus DNA Personality Assessment + 1-hour coaching session

    Your Referral Fee:




    Sign Up Fee + First Month
    Mentor Program plus a Special, individualized coaching session with a Behavioral Expert

    Your Referral Fee:


    The pricing noted includes the first month fee.  Following this first month, the recurring monthly fee is only $15.00.

    *Special pricing through Dec. 31, 2020. Basic Professional pricing will be $125 effective Jan. 1, 2021.


    We are changing the way career transitions happen 

    by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.