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Our Offerings:

•  Buy 20 vCoach subscriptions, receive five free.

•  Buy 50 Director subscriptions, receive 15 free.

•  Buy 100 Staff & Manager subscriptions, receive 35 free.

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    Will Your Exiting Employees Be Brand Ambassadors or Brand Busters? - We help prepare candidates for their next career opportunity.

    How you close out the relationship – particularly for loyal employees who are being downsized, right sized and laid off – should be the same as when you on-boarded them. They should be provided with a compassionate way to exit gracefully and with support.

    We can help.

    Those offboarded can benefit with a 3-month subscription to our program.

    We know that the whole job search process can sometimes seem daunting.  That’s why we like to provide occasional quick-to-read hints and tips to remind or help you in how to think through the whole job search and career advancement process.

    How our 3-month subscription works for you:

    Protects your

    employer brand


    unemployment costs

    Shows compassion and empathy

    Boosts your

    alumni network

    Sends the right message to remaining employees

    Mitigates the cost of litigation

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    How our 3-month subscription Program works for your employees:

    ♦   An online 9-step job search Boot Camp.

    ♦   Ability to present the best of themselves.

    ♦   A confidential search platform.

    ♦  Resume and mock interview preparation

    ♦  Get connected to vetted recruiters.

    ♦  vUniversity courses to upgrade skill sets.


    Each Employee will receive a 3-month subscription to our Career Development platform.

    Staff & Manager Program


    Each employee will receive our online Boot Camp program, personality and culture questionnaires, reference checks, mock interview and resume prep and a session with a vCounselor.




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    Director+ Program


    Each employee will receive our Staff & Manager Program plus an extensive personality assessment, background check and an additional session with one of our vCounselors.




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    vCoach Program


    Each employee will receive our Director+ Program plus an in-depth, 1-hour personality assessment review and an additional vCounselor session covering further best practices.




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    We’re here to help your employees.

    An Empathetic Offboarding Solution

    A 3-month subscription offers candidates a competitive advantage to find their next career opportunity. They will get organized, they will get prepared and they will get connected to vetted recruiters searching for these candidates.

    At the same time, this will show your appreciation to your outplaced employees.

    Our Special Free Transition Offer

    We are now offering companies who you may need to offboard, our 90-Day subscription program in one of three ways:

    ♦  For every 20 vCoach subscriptions purchased, we’ll provide you with five additional subscriptions for free.

    ♦  For every 50 Director subscriptions purchased, we’ll provide you with 15 additional subscriptions for free.

    ♦  For every 100 Staff & Manager subscriptions purchased, we’ll provide you with 35 additional subscriptions for free.


    We are changing the way career transitions happen 

    by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.