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One of the biggest painstaking tasks when searching for a job for job seekers is having to submit multiple online applications. What was meant to be an easy process has become so daunting that candidates are burnt out on the redundancy. It’s an insane process.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Step 1: Search job boards for a job you like.
  • Step 2: Review the job description.
  • Step 3: Hit Apply Now Button
  • Step 4: Fill out application information.
  • Step 5: Upload resume.
  • Step 6: Hit Submit button.

That didn’t take too long did it? So, you move on to the next job description and repeat Steps 1 – Steps 6. And repeat again on the next job description. And again. And again. Get the picture?

Believe it or not but I know this process all too well. If you are able to connect with HR, a hiring manager or recruiter, That’s great. If you have not you will continue the process of Steps 1-6 hoping that someone will discover you and your talents. I’ve counselled hundreds of people when they would apply to one of my online ads and they were denied an opportunity to move forward. I understood their frustration of being overlooked as they continually repeated the process they had grown comfortable with completing. Many didn’t want to consider looking into other industries or  jobs that would pay much less but help them take a different road to success.

It was an insane process to rely on.

Yet, I understood their insanity. I, too, was in that vicious cycle less than ten years ago when I began looking for a new occupation. I had grown tired of an industry I had grown up in and had much success. When I began my transition, I was open to many different of companies, positions, and industries. After months of rejection, because I was overly qualified, I felt hopeless and my confidence took a tremendous blow.

I know transition can be terrifying and the internal struggle many go through during this process. I created for a user perspective and being mindful of the insanity and hoped to  bring sanity and more control for job seekers to the overall process. That’s why the job search focus is less on the job seeker and more on the recruiting professional.  We have simplified the process so that job seekers can focus on career development rather than the search for a position.

Our flow process is simple. 

  • Step 1: Sign up
  • Step 2: Begin completing profile for access into platform
  • Step 3: Complete our 9-step career development boot camp. This will help you learn how to create a robust profile to showcase you better
  • Step 4: Complete the Interview & Culture Fit questionnaires
  • Step 5: Complete the personality assessment and add references
  • Step 6: Complete the 45-minute call with one of our vCounselors who will review your resume, provide mock interview and counseling support.

That’s it. Once your profile is completed, you are now ready to be introduced to vetted recruiters. So again, your time on the platform will be spent in helping you identify the position, strengthen you as a “viable” candidate, and help you with your job search by having recruiters invite you to review their positions. You have the choice of whether you want to continue the screening process. You will have a dashboard that will track your steps through each position’s hiring process. You will also receive a resume review and mock interview advice from a former HR or recruiting  professional.

Our job seeking services are far less expensive than what career coaching services cost, and we help connect you with recruiters that we have screened to ensure they are who they say they are and can do what they say they can do. So, what are you waiting for? Try and break the cycle of insanity.

At we are changing the way career transitions happen by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.

We’re here to help. Reach out to us if you’d like to talk.

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