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We connect viable candidates with hand selected, verified and vetted recruiters.

Job Seekers: Learn more hereRecruiters: Learn more here - We provide you with a confidential platform that connects you with recruiters.

What we offer

For Job Seekers

We provide a confidential forum, a career development platform that connects you with vetted recruiters who will seek you out, keep you informed and will be there to support you during the entire hiring process.

What we offer

For Recruiters

You’ll have passive and active candidates through a platform that verifies their experience, vets them for availability and provides visual content and questionnaires that determine culture fit. - We're here to help you get connected to recruiters to advance your career. - Our career development platform helps employees more forward.

What we offer

For Employers

Our employer-branding recruitment platform helps you during the time of workforce anxiety. Offboarding and workforce reductions cause a stressful time. Our career development platform helps employees more forward.

Our recruitment software platform helps the job seeker search for a new job.

Sign Up

Simply fill-in your name, User ID, PW and select the package that works for you.


This is where you fill out all the information that recruiters will want to see.

Boot Camp

Our 9-step online program will help you prepare for the job search process.

Reference Checks

You’ll secure references that will facilitate the interviewing and hiring process.

Personality & Culture Questionnaire

You will know what’s important to you in your next company.

Video Message

Create a video message to help present your skill sets and personality.

vCounselor Session

A 45-minute meeting to review your profile and resume and conduct a mock interview.

vCan Manager

Our online CRM which will seamlessly track job opportunities and communications with recruiters.

vUniversity Resource Center

On-going skills strengthening site within our platform.

Here’s a quick video that takes you behind the scenes, into our portal, so you can see what our Career Development program is all about.

The commitments we make in helping the job search process:

For Job Seekers

The recruiters accessing your information are credible and vetted and only interested in your information for hiring purposes.

For Recruiters

Providing visual, vetted and verified recruiting solutions that offer a level of reliability that our job seekers are viable and eagerly looking for a new job.

For Employers

A subscription offers candidates a competitive advantage at quickly finding their next career opportunity.

We’re here to help.

See our offers below: - We're a private, exclusive and alternate platform that connects you, if you’re in a job search, with vetted recruiters.

For Job Seekers

Year End Special Offer

Our Basic Professional program, which provides an array of features to prepare you well, is discounted to $99 through the end of the year.

For Recruiters

Low Cost Subscription Offers

Our recruiting software combines all the tools you need to find and present viable candidates at competitively low-cost subscription rates.

For Employers

Special Free Transition Offers

We are now offering companies our 90-Day subscription program with the opportunity to add additional 3-Month subscriptions at no cost.


We are changing the way career transitions happen 

by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.