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Rarely am I put into a situation where I cannot see things from a full 360-degree viewpoint. I tend to think, rehash, and then rethink every situation or concept that I want to initiate before I do so. Being a minority business owner the onus of having to know all the answers can weigh heavy one’s shoulders. Let’s face it, we live in a world of perfectionism (even in their right mind), and there are literally hundreds of paths to obtain the same goal that many have achieved. Experts and coaches are at the ready to assist you as you walk along a path you hope leads to success.

If you are anything like me, as an overachiever, failing is never an option but I’m learning to see things in a different light. Sometimes, stepping back and giving yourself the honest answer of “I don’t know” can be extremely liberating, and here are a few reasons why it should if you are a job seeker looking for work.

Embracing “I don’t know:

1. Do you know what to do next? Being honest with yourself by admitting you don’t have control over a particular situation is not the same as admitting defeat or that you failed. It is the most honest answer one can give themselves and others, and it can help release stress. It’s like giving yourself room to become empty and shift your heavy load onto the universe. When looking for a job, many try to create best case scenarios about what working for the new employer would be like and most times, they set themselves up for disappointment when they do not get hired. Sometimes, the best thing to do is sleep on it, take a break, or give yourself some room. Then get reengaged in the morning.

2. Do you want the job? Ever applied or interviewed for a position just to keep yourself busy? Ever thought, “it couldn’t hurt to see what else is out there?” Well, that is true, but we always know deep down when we are seriously wasting our or others time. Before accepting an interview or position, be sure you have thought out the pros and cons for the opportunity. If your sole goal is to make a new friend then take the interview. Yet, if you are looking for a position and the interview will not afford you a chance to get hired, do not waste time.

3. Do I have the talent to do this job well? As a former recruiter, one of the toughest parts of the job was telling someone they may not have the skills or talent that my client was looking for. I have counseled thousands of candidates and just because you can do a job does not mean you will do it well.

When I was faced with making a difficult decision that would affect my entire family, it was my responsibility to make sure that my job did not suffer in the process. Many people are unable to do that and insist on bringing their homelife into work and become distracted. Or they are mentally checked out and cannot be at their best selves. If you find that you are about to accept a new position but will not provide the employer with your undivided attention, the opportunity may not be for you.

4. Is your ROI better than those who you are competing with? It’s always hard to know what an employer is looking for, but it helps when you at least know what you bring to the table. That is not an invitation to be cocky but if you are interviewing for a position you are interested in, with a company that is aligned with your purpose-driven values, and you can see yourself in the position, be sure to mention what you can do as a team member. So many times, job seekers are coached to ask for a job without leaving the hiring managers or team something to think about after an interview. If you must be bold, be sure to ask questions that would give you the ability to tout what you have done successfully and where you see yourself fitting into the company and its culture.

Sometimes the best responses to all of the above is simply… idk. No matter what pressures life throws at you, remain truthful with yourself. When you find yourself in this type of situation the best thing to do is sleep on it, take a break, or give yourself some room. Then breathe and be prepared to engage the opportunity.

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