Help your offboarded employees

find new jobs fast.

Our career development platform will:

•  Facilitate an employee’s ability to prepare and present the best of themselves.

•  Get them connected to recruiters with job openings.

•  Improve their ability to land a new position.

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What your employees will receive:

Tips and tools to help craft compelling resumes.

An online Boot Camp that reviews the entire hiring process.

A resource and learning center to improve one’s skill sets.

A confidential and private platform from which to search.

Tips and tools to improve job interview skills along with a mock interview session.

Professional career coaching and guidance from HR experts.

A culture questionnaire that helps employees find a good fit.

Direct connections with vetted recruiters with active positions.

How this will help you as an employer:

Protects your employer brand.

Reduces unemployment costs.

Shows compassion and empathy.

Boots your alumni network.

Sends the right message to remaining employees.

Mitigates the cost of litigation.

About - Our platform is private and confidential.

We provide a confidential forum, a career development platform that connects job seekers with vetted recruiters who will seek them out, keep them informed and will be there to support them during the entire hiring process.


We are changing the way career transitions happen 

by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.