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Connect to viable candidates through our recruitment platform.

We provide you with well-prepared candidates.
Receive your first month free - Recruiters have access to unlimited searches of qualified pre-screened candidates through our recruitment database

What we offer

Utilizing our SaaS subscription-based platform and our candidate management system, recruiters have access to unlimited searches of qualified pre-screened candidates through our recruitment database.

Everything recruiters need to search, screen, communicate and present candidates.

Pre-Screened Candidates

Candidates are well prepared for the hiring process thru our Career Development Platform.

SaaS Recruitment Platform

Our platform makes it easy to search, screen, and present candidates.

Time & Cost-Efficiencies

You will be presenting not prepping candidates.

Fully Developed Profiles

Not just resumes, but a fully-developed candidate profile, videos, reference checks and more.

Less Competition

Only recruiters, not employers, can access candidates.

Multiple Search Tools

Search, schedule, communicate all in one place.

Automatic Tracking

Auto track the complete hiring process from start to finish.


Scheduling calendars, notifications and messages.

1 Payment System

Monthly all access subscriptions (not pay/view). And, it’s easy to sign up.

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1 + 13 = is an easy to use, all in one SaaS (or CRM) recruiting platform:

♦  Unlimited Candidate Search

♦  Easy to Read Candidate Profile

♦  Create and Preload Emails

♦  Easy Sign Up Process

♦  Easy Interview Calendar Access

♦  Multiple Search Tools

♦  Real Time Notification Updates

♦  Culture Fit Readily Available

♦  One Dashboard

♦  Easy Candidate Messaging

♦  Auto Scheduling

♦  Personality Fit Readily Available




Per Month

3 Months


A savings of $51

6 Months


A savings of $206

12 Months


A savings of $500

We’re here to help you connect with candidates.

Easy to Search, Screen and Present Candidates

We provide you with pre-screened and well-prepared candidates. Not just resumes, but a fully-developed candidate profile.

Low Cost Subscription Offers

Our recruiting software combines all the tools you need to find and present viable candidates at competitively low-cost subscription rates.


We are changing the way career transitions happen 

by creating a positive connection between technology and the human touch.