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It’s the dawn of the new season, the days are longer, the sun is brighter and the air is fresher.  For kids, spending endless days adrift sprinkle their thoughts.  For adults, working career moms and entrepreneurs, it’s thanked God, the days are longer! I hear you. The summer time is definitely a time to push forward with a little ease.  June marked the beginning of the second half of the year and a time to assess where you are with your goals. But I’m not talking about just your professional goals, but really, your life goals.  Have you set goals for what you want in your life?  As you look over the past two quarters, or even the past 16 months, are you on track? Life for most people around the world has been full of unprecedented changes. We all need a little grace to breathe and reflect.

If your answer to the question is positive attribution of progression, keep going!  But if not, it’s time to reassess and reconsider starting over.  That’s the typical advice, right? But this advice comes a little short sided.  The reality is often times we find it difficult to simply restart. The advice assumes you are mentally and emotionally at the starting line ready to hit the mark.  If that were the case, wouldn’t you have progressed?  That’s not my advice! 

What I have seen over and over, is that most people are held back by something they have yet to face. By not facing the issue, it’s been swept aside or underneath the shadows. Masked. What I know for sure, after coaching others for years, until you face it, you can’t fix it.  The issue will linger like an open wound.  It never heals, the pain is simply tolerated.

As you approach the second half of the year, if something is holding you back, you will experience the same result.  Maybe uncertainty, a lingering anxiety from the pandemic, “comfort-zone syndrome,” confidence blockers, or “belief blinders” could be holding you back from seeing your possibilities.   These are just a few prevalent abundance blockers impacting so many people but especially women.  As women, the tendency is to self-critique, better known as paralysis by critical analysis. Let’s face it, the enemy within is greater than the enemy outside.  How many times do you find yourself guilty of saying, “I know I am my own worst critic?” Sound familiar? I hear it often. Look, even I am guilty of that one.  It’s the “perfectionist” syndrome that creeps into the mind and blocks the genius zone from manifesting in your life.

Well, consider this, it’s time for a shift. I share these 5 tips to help you shift your mental blockers to blaze the trail with a Fresh Start

  1. Practice Self-Awareness. Become aware of self-criticism and conscious of the stories you tell yourself. These negative stories contribute to over analysis-paralysis that stops you from stepping into your greatness. 
  2. Set aside emotions. Emotions shift focus to the negative aspects and impair your ability to see other perspectives. This may be a time to heal old wounds that continue to lurk beneath the surface.
  3. Look to life lessons and draw on wisdom for guidance. Life’s best lessons allow you to matriculate the school of life with objectivity.
  4. Focus on positive proof of your greatness. I refer to it as building your own “proof of concept’ of your magnetic greatness.  Success always leaves clues.
  5. Focus on your goals and vision for the second half of the year with the perspective it’s a fresh start. Focus on what’s ahead, not what’s gone or not done.

Practice the art of shifting the mind from critical critique to objective focus and action orientation.

This can be very difficult when you are accustomed to focusing on yourself and have had limiting thoughts for so long they are beyond your awareness.  I help women struggling to get passed challenges and negative chatter by turning around any situation. If you would like to Connect, contact me to see how I can assist you, simply click the link and you will be taken directly to my calendar. We will determine whether we would be a good fit. If you need to heal from past traumatic experiences, entering a transition in your life, considering a life/career change, or are simply tired of being sick and tired and want to Start Fresh, let’s connect. I have been helping women around the globe Start Fresh with a new attitude, new voice and new perspectives.

You are also welcome to join me for one of my upcoming monthly Masterclasses. Just click the link, A Time to Heal Masterclass, and Executive Women’s Roundtable Masterclass.

Your time is now! Be the creator of the change you desire and take action starting today.

I’m Dr. Jena L. Bell, affectionally known as the corner girl cheering for your success and the most trusted advisor to C-level women executives and entrepreneurs who have climbed the ladder to success only to realize, they got lost along the way.  I help them find their way home.

Yours in good health and game-changing possibilities,

Coach Jena

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